#BasicBowlNutrition Challenge

A FREE 5-day Nutrition Consistency Challenge Starting September 3rd!

Earlier this Spring, I was crashing hard in my workouts and having a crappy time of recovering from them. I knew my nutrition was not great, but I was so tired of the food obsession going on a diet would  create or forcing myself to eat foods I wasn’t interested in. So I just said "screw it, I’m putting all my meals into a bowl!


And what do you know, by using a simple bowl, I not only found an easy way to control portions but also a way to make my meals fun and satisfying again, without restriction.


If this basic bowl approach process helped me regain control without restriction, opened up new meal ideas and fueled my way back to better performance, then I knew I had to share this with you.


That’s why I’m super excited to bring this FREE 5-day #BasicBowl Nutrition Challenge.


It is for people who really want to eat healthy food in a simple way, with autonomy and without sacrificing taste or freedom. I created this program for people like me who want super simple meals that are delicious, don’t require complex preparation or measurements and can meet their needs.

Think you can make ONE #basicbowl a day for 5 days?

Join the #BasicBowl Nutrition Challenge

How the #basicbowl challenge works

Make 5 bowls in 5 days, find fun in food again and feel satisfied, all without restrictions.

  • This is a consistency challenge. Th goal is to get you using basic foods to make meals fun and satisfying all while meeting your nutritional goals.

  • To complete the challenge you must make/have 5 different bowls focused on the different themes over 5 days. This equates to just one bowl a day but places no restriction on how many times for the day you wish to have a bowl.

  • You have complete autonomy over what goes into your bowl, save for a specific macronutrient that will be the theme for the day. This gives you a chance to be creative and have fun with your food.

  • I will send out the theme for each day via email. On Sunday, September 1, you'll receive the schedule of themes for each of the 5 days. Each day you'll be asked to highlight a specific food group and then build your bowl accordingly.

  • How to win. Everyone who completes the challenge will be entered to win prizes including gift cards, a set of my favorite bowls, a free nutrition audit session and a spot in my Basic Bowl Nutrition Bootcamp program starting September 16!

  • Register to learn more. Click the button to sign up and feel free to email me at info@shaniqueallen.com if you have any questions.  

Challenge starts Tuesday, September 3rd. You in?

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